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Get information, photos, pics, videos and clips of cute, hot and beautiful nepali girls, women, models, actresses and Nepali female celebrities.

About Girls Nepali

sneha rana is online since April 8, 2009. This blog is one among a network of blogs in our network. Our Network is a network of writers from Nepal who write on diverse subjects. is handled by the writers of our Network who have keen interest on the media sector of Nepal. is proud to present a one stop place to hang around for discussions on Nepali girls, women, models, actresses and other Nepalese females. Although the modeling and the movie sector of Nepal has taken a big leap offline in the last few years and Nepal has seen a lot of beautiful models and actresses in the last few years, we are yet to see the same kind of leap online. pioneered to push the modeling sector of Nepal to a fair bit but in today's Internet where everything's dynamic and social networks are all over the place, amid all these, we think CyberSansar is not doing enough. This does not mean we completely hate CyberSansar, in fact, we love it for what it has done to promote Nepali models and we are not trying to compete with it, we are just trying to give a place to lovers of Nepali beauty where they are throw out their views.

We have a heck lot of pretty girls in our country, why not talk about them? Models from other countries are all over the Internet. Nepali girls are not any less, why not spread the tale of our beauties over the Internet? For that, we need to promote discussions on the Internet about our ladies. Just serving static content on a website and putting up picture galleries of models is not enough. We need to reach out to the people and give people a place where they can discuss about our beauties.

Beauty is something to be talked about and praised for that would do justice to the beauty.

We hope people will enjoy reading this blog and participate with us to make Nepali models more popular on the Internet.

Lastly, although we respect the freedom of speech, we would moderate the comments in this blog so that our girls don't feel offended. In other words, keep your comments clean. All praises for the beauties will be welcomed, some criticisms too, but offensive criticisms won't be tolerated.

sneha rana

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    A real beauty ... rest are artificial...

    Anonymous says

    beautiful and sexy lady of nepal

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