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Sexy Namrata Shrestha Video and Pictures

Namrata Shrestha is the name that was on everyone’s lips in Nepal a few months back because of her leaked sex tape with DJ Tantrik. She is someone who deserves to be popular in a good way to the very extent she was notoriously popular after her sex tape leaked, but fortune wanted it to be the other way round. Anyways, everyone has sex, it’s a need. Having sex is in fact not bad. It’s actually good, keeps you in shape and makes you more prepared for the next time :-). Having said that, making a tape while you do it is obviously super bad as the Namrata sex tape scandal has proved it to be.

Today we will be giving you a few facts about the super hot and sexy Nepali actress and model Namrata Shrestha.

Here’re some quick facts about Namrata Shrestha:

Height : 156 cm
Weight : 42 kgs
Nick Name : Neroo
Birthdate : 14 June, 1986
Birthplace :  Dharan
Zodiac Sign : Gemini
Education : +2
Vital Stats : 32' 24' 34'
Skin Color : Fair
Eye Color : Brown
Hair Color : Brown
Marital Status : Single 

Yes, she’s a bit on the shorter side, is petite but let us tell you this, she has got looks to kill.

Namrata Shrestha has appeared in numerous music videos, a few movies, tv advertisements and fashion shows. She is mostly known for her roles in the Nepali movies “Sano Sansar” and “Mero Euta Sathi Cha”. Some notable music videos that Namrata has done are:

Aakha Ma Lukauki, Singer: Pramod Upadhaya
Ko Hola, Singer: Mamata
Timilai Herne, Singer: Iris
Suneko Kura, Singer: Seasons Band
Timro Nam Timi Bina, Singer: Sabin Rai
Nai Nai, Singer: Kedar Shrestha
Timilay Diyeko, Singer: Karna Das

She hails from Dharan. She finished her higher secondary education from Kathmandu Institute of Science & Technology (KIST). Right now, she’s doing her bachelors in Mass Communication. She started her modeling career in 1997 and after struggling for some time, there has been no looking back for her. She has established herself as a talented model as well as a very saleable actress in the Nepali Entertainment industry in not a very long time. She has been associated with some pretty big brands, one of them being Springwood, the top clothing line in Nepal. She has also worked as a RJ for a FM in Nepal. What more can one wish for at such a small age? So much exposure at such a young age! (we meant it in a good way)

Everything was going really well for this petite hottie until her sex tape with the ugly DJ Tantrik (yes, that guy’s super ugly) came out. It was rumored that she and a pretty hot Nepali male model were going along together. Namrata once said in an interview with a popular entertainment site that she wants her life partner to be a virgin. It seems that her perception has changed or should we take it as she never said she would stay a virgin for her partner, so it’s fair! We are no way saying that having sex with someone you want to is bad. We are just pointing out the fact that Namrata is a hypocrite!

We have collected some pictures and videos of Namrata Shrestha from the Internet for you to enjoy.

Pictures of Namrata Shrestha:

namrata shrestha tree

namrata shrestha closeup

namrata shrestha cute

namrata shrestha profile

namrata shrestha wave magazine

namrata shrestha mero euta saathi cha 

namrata shrestha

namrata shrestha malvika subba

namrata shrestha malvika subba

namrata shrestha mero euta saathi cha

namrata shrestha mero euta saathi cha 

namrata shrestha mero euta saathi cha

namrata shrestha

namrata shrestha hairband

namrata shrestha red dress

namrata shrestha make up

namrata shrestha window

Videos of Namrata Shrestha: has a relatively big collection of Namrata Shrestha’s pictures as she had been one of their premium female models. Here’s the link.

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