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Ayusha Karki 2007 Miss Teen Nepal

This time, we are posting about the 2007 Miss Teen Nepal winner Ayusha Karki. In the same year, she also went on to win the Health Care Management International World Miss University Nepal 2007 contest. However, the latter contest was a rather controversial one with the second runner up of the contest, Miss Khusboo Oli, ( also the winner of Miss Teen Nepal 2006 ) accusing Ayusha Karki of buying the title. Khusboo Oli seemed to have a valid point to place accusations against Ayusha Karki at that time as Ayusha Karki's answer in the question and answer round in the contest sounded all precomposed. However, nothing was done and Ayusha Karki won the title that year and then went on to compete at Miss World University held at South Korea, in which she could of course do nothing! She also took part in the 2009 Miss Nepal contest and was able to bag the Miss Photogenic and the Miss Best Complexion Title. However bumpy might be her ride in the entertainment industry, we love Ayusha Karki for her beautiful face, sexy body and that witty attitude.

When she won the Miss Teen Nepal contest, she was doing her intermediate. At that time she told in an interview that she wished to go to the United States after completing her intermediate. But looks like her plan has changed now. And why won't her plans change as she is selling like crazy in the Nepali entertainment industry. She has appeared in several Music Videos, ran a program on TV for students aspiring to go abroad, walked the ramp numerous times and have been featured in the cover pages of numerous magazines. All these has made her super popular here in Nepal. Who would want to leave the hype and lead a solitary life in the United States?

This sexy beauty who takes her inspiration for Ruby Rana says music is her favorite pastime. Her favorite artist is Shakira and her favorite band is Simple Plan. Being a daughter of a national level badminton player, Mr, Keshav Jung Karki, she's inclined to sports and loves swimming.

In the latest turn of events, Ayusha Karki has said that she wants to leave her modeling career to be a real estate agent. The 18 year old took the decision as she felt there was a lucrative career for her in the Real Estate Business. Real Estate prices may be going down across the recession hit West but in Kathmandu they are booming as people flee the impoverished and increasingly lawless countryside for the relative safety of the city. She’s taking up the job for Shangrila Housing Company!

We have collected some pictures of Miss Ayusha Karki from the internet. Now she’s leaving her modeling career, you might not see her posing in front of the camera anymore. We hope you would like them.

Pictures of Ayusha Karki:

ayusha karki striped skirt

ayusha karki miss teen nepal 2007

ayusha karki skirt

ayusha karki smile

ayusha karki beach

ayusha karki camera

ayusha karki golden skirt

ayusha karki mms

ayusha karki swimming

ayusha karki wallpaper

ayusha karki zenisha moktan

ayusha karki lesbian kissing

ayusha karki friend   

ayusha karki sexy thigh

ayusha karki complexion

ayusha karki ethnic dress

ayusha karki dance

ayusha karki sari


As for the videos, we couldn’t find any videos of Ayusha Karki on the internet. If any of you have videos of Ayusha Karki or find videos of Ayusha Karki on the internet, please let us know by leaving a comment below. We would love to add videos of Ayusha Karki to this post.


Here’s a page on Facebook that claims to be the official Aayusha Karki Facebook page. It’s for you to find out if it’s for real or fake.

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