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Pallavi Dhakal and Manavi Dhakal

The hot Dhakal sisters are all over now-a-days. Pallavi Dhakal who wowed the audiences as a television anchor had her sis following on her foot steps. Pallavi worked exclusively for Image Channel and ran various popular shows like Got the Guts, Party Central, South Asian Star, Mega Model and Music of your Choice. Her younger sister Manavi is working as a VJ for Kantipur Television and a RJ for Kantipur FM. Manavi’s most notable appearance has to be as a co-host with Suraj Singh Thakuri in Kantipur’s evergreen show – Call Kantipur. These Dhakal sisters are very well known inside the Kathmandu Entertainment circuit at the moment.

Here are some stats of Pallavi and Manavi Dhakal.

Pallavi Dhakal:

Pet Name: Pallu

Height: 5’ 9”

Education: Graduate in Social Work

Sun Sign: Virgo

Manavi Dhakal:

Height: 5’ 4”

Education: Bachelors in Social Work

Both of them are hot and elegant, carry professionalism and can make any man go weak on his knees. We cannot decide who’s hotter or more popular. However, we can say one thing, Pallavi is certainly taller. You don’t encounter a 5’9” girl in Nepal that often. And that also a 5’9” girl who is as beautiful as Pallavi. Very rarely!

These talented VJ sisters live in New Baneswor. Both studied the same subjects, Social Work and both want to work with United Nations in the future. Pallavi is already in her way to working for humanitarian organizations as she recently resigned from Image channel to work for the renowned INGO, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). She has been appointed as Communication Officer at ICRC. Image channel must be having a hard time coping with the departure of their hinge-women.

Manavi also participated in the Miss Nepal 2007 Contest. She’s sweet, chubby and she is as famous for her beautiful face as for her debonair persona. Kantipur TV helped her reach new heights of popularity as she got to co-host one of the premium programs on KTV, Call Kantipur.

You can reach Pallavi at her personal blog :

We have collected some pictures and videos of Pallavi and Manavi from the Internet. We hope you would like them.

Pictures of Pallavi Dhakal:

pallavi dhakal pink dress

pallavi dhakal red dress

pallavi dhakal eyes

pallavi dhakal wave magazine

pallavi dhakal karate pose

pallavi dhakal pink dress

pallavi dhakal height

pallavi dhakal green dress

pallavi dhakal south asian star       

Videos of Pallavi Dhakal:

Pictures of Manavi Dhakal:

manavi dhakal eyes

pallavi dhakal pink dress

pallavi dhakal drunk

pallavi dhakal pink skirt

pallavi dhakal sexy

pallavi dhakal sprite band challenge     

Videos of Manavi Dhakal:

There are not much pictures and videos of Pallavi and Manavi Dhakal available on the internet. If you happen to find any new pictures or videos of the Dhakal Sisters, please let us know by leaving a comment below and we will be happy to to put them here.

Here’s a page on Facebook that claims to be the official Pallavi Dhakal page. Pallavi’s Facebook page says she is currently at Harrow, United Kingdom.

Here’s a page on Facebook that claims to be the official Manavi Dhakal page.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Always loved both of the sisters.. missing them on TV now.

    numa says

    wow pallavi n manavi di u both are so sweet.................

    Nepali movies online says

    wow great going. keep updating your blog. if you want to watch both the sisters in videos and many more please visit Nepali music video site and nepali movies, and more.

    Anonymous says

    malai ta manvi di sweet lagnuhuncha...........but overall both sis were tooo cute!!!!!

    thesubash says

    I used 2 c ur program when i was in Nepal .......... m lik u so much ...........

    Anonymous says

    I love the dhakal sisters, ther are the best. Perfect example of beauty with brains. :))

    Durga Acharya says

    They both are good girl of Nepal

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