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Sexy Nepali Actress Sanchita Luitel

Sanchita Luitel, the busty fair actress of the Nepali Movie Industry with bright big eyes is regarded as the one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in Kolywood, the Nepalese Movie Industry. She’s amazingly beautiful, yet very modest. She started acting at the age of 18 in 2058 B.S. and since then there has been no looking back for this fair beauty in Kolywood. She has a huge fan following largely due to her one of a kind looks and her undisputed acting capabilities.

The name of her first movie was Apsara. Since then, she has acted in tons of Nepali movies co-starring with almost all top hunks in Kolywood. Some of her other notable movies are: Ama, Unko Samjhana, Bhagya Bidhata, Prem Yuddha, Yuddha, Ashirwad, Ama ko Ashirwad, Bhagya le Jurayo, Bhannai Sakina, Binti Patra, Chattan, Chor Sipahi, Don, Maya Namara, Maryadha, Majhi Dai, Papi Manche, Raghu Veer, Saput! Phew, that’s a lot of movies!

Sachita Luitel is well educated. She has a Masters Degree in Arts and she enjoys doing Yoga. In a recent interview, Sanchita called upon all the Nepalese living abroad to come back and build Nepal. A great nationalist thought indeed!

Sanchita Luitel recently created big buzz in the Nepalese Movie industry after her alleged link up with Nikhil Upreti. Both Sanchita Luitel and Nikhil Upreti had gone to India and it was rumored that they got married. They left for India putting all the movies they were acting back here in Nepal in limbo. One of the directors, Madan Ghimire who was working with Nikhil Upreti had to shift the dubbing to India because Nikhil was reluctant to come back to Nepal any time soon then. However, official Mrs. Nihik Upreti, Mrs. Kopila Upreti says she has full faith in the husband and the duo is not married. May be it’s just a publicity stunt. What goes on in the Entertainment Industry is almost always fake!

We have collected some pictures and videos of Sanchita Luitel from the Internet. We hope you would like them!

Pictures of Sanchita Luitel:

sanchita luitel smile

sanchita luitel smiling

sanchita luitel without makeup   

sanchita luitel black dress

sanchita luitel nikhil upreti

sanchita luitel sari

sanchita luitel eyes

sanchita luitel sideview

sanchita luitel sari

sanchita luitel teej sari

sanchita luitel chodi gaye pap lagla

sanchita luitel sexy

sanchita luitel goggles    

Videos of Sanchita Luitel: has a big collection of Sanchita Luitel Pictures. Here’s the link!

Here’s a page on FaceBook with some info and pics of Sanchita Luitel . It’s for you to dwell more on the subject!

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